Thursday, May 17, 2018

Notes to Self…(and Maybe To You)

Editor's note: This is another great contribution from the one and only Holly Vaughan. You can follow her on Twitter here!

There’s been a lot of musings in my head as of late.  These past few weeks have been challenging in several ways, some for me but a lot for some members of my extended family.  It seems as though reaching out to others in their pain causes me to be a bit more introspective than usual (and that’s saying something.)  I thought I would throw the thoughts and realizations that stood out to me the most into this post, just in case some of you needed to hear them as well.  Don’t expect them to be cohesive or in any particular order though - that’s not how my head works. :)

  • Love is always a choice.  Always. If you base your relationships with people on how they make you feel, they won’t last.  Feelings change, but you can always choose to love.
  • People who pray eloquently and efficiently in public - such as participating in a parish rosary - could be the most holy and sincere person in the room.  But they may not. Maybe the most holy and sincere person present is the one in the corner, stumbling over the words and forgetting the mysteries. We don’t know.  Only God knows. We should really just focus on the blessing of praying with others instead of how they pray.
  • When I struggle with an aspect of spiritual life, I tend to want to go buy every book on the subject that I can find, convinced that learning enough will make me holy.  It won’t. Praying will. God will. Knowledge is power, but it doesn’t replace God. He is the one who will grant the increase.
  • On that same note, I’ve struggled with the Rosary recently, and went to google new books on the rosary even though I have two I still need to finish.  Every result that came up - every one mind you - was an article/blog post/etc recommending Rosarium Virginis Mariae by John Paul the II. No recommendations of books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble - just link after link to the particular Papal Document.  I hear you God - it’s downloading to my Kindle as we speak.
  • Discernment is hard.  Spiritual warfare is real.  Taking a good hard look at ourselves, our sins and our prayer life, receiving the Sacrament of Confession, and asking God for help consistently will go a long way in both of these areas.  (I was reminded of this by a brilliant and lovely friend. Please say a prayer for her, as she is struggling right now.)
  • YOU can make a difference to someone just by showing up and being yourself.  You have gifts and talents and experiences that make you unique, and someone out there needs to hear words that only you have. Each of our lives speaks its own language. Pentecost is a great time to look again at your own gifts, and ask God to help you use them when and where they are needed.  Don’t shortchange yourself. You are amazing.

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