Monday, April 2, 2018

Our 4th Annual #MulierisDigniTweetEm

Welcome one and all to what has come to be known as the humblest and kindest of all the hipster contests:

MulierisDigniTweetEm, our annual crowning of the year's top Catholic Hipster Mom!

Before we get started, let's all take a moment to remember that these are for fun. These aren't popularity contests, but rather, a fun little thing we do on the blog and over on Twitter to highlight some of the truly cool and hilarious Catholic Moms hanging out in social media. Especially because we want to shine the spotlight on some folks you might not follow, to help you get on board, and to brighten your day. 

With that out of the way, we start our search to pass the crown! 

Our nominees for the 4th Annual MulierisDigniTweetEm contest are:

What can I say about Carey? She's easily the better half of the dynamic duo known as the Helmick's. She's hilarious. She deserves a follow. She's one of the good ones. 

Theresa is one of the most underrated folks on Catholic Twitter. She consistently makes me laugh, and makes me feel normal by posting honest stories from parenthood. She's also a pretty epic writer!

Micaela is the ultimate Catholic Mom. You can give her a follow to find out how she pulls off raising 6 kids, homeschooling, and keeping her cool through all the insanity. Also, she's a sister to two priests, so she knows what's up.

4. Kaitlyn 

You think you're a Tolkein fan? Sorry bud, you aren't. Kaitlyn doesn't only tweet about hobbits, she also tweets about getting Jimmy John's sandwiches in the recovery room moments after delivering a baby like it was nothing. She's rad.

So, friends, who is it going to be? 

Head on over to Twitter and cast your vote!

Let's just hope Katie Prejean McGrady is ready to hand over the crown! 

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