Monday, March 5, 2018

Our 4th Annual #InfalliblyHip

Who is the ultimate hipster Pope? 

Over the past few years we've crowned some winners of this coveted title, 

St. John XXIII, 

Benedict XII, 


Benedict XV (that's 15, not 16).

This year we're back with an all new crop of pontiffs vying for the title. 

Are you ready to put the Papal Hipster tiara on a new winner? 

1. Pope Leo XIII

How has Pope Leo XIII not won this contest yet? We're giving him another chance and hoping for the best!

2. Pope Paul VI

The Humanae Vitae Pope, and fearless leader into the Second Vatican Council, can this soon-to-be-Saint win this title as well? 

3. Pope Linus

Everyone remembers St. Peter was the first Pope, but haven't you heard "Second the best"? 

4. Pope Innocent III

Known as the most powerful pope of all time, and perhaps the kindest, Innocent III deserves a look. 

Alright dude and dudettes, head on over to Twitter to vote!!

Let's to this!!!

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