Monday, February 26, 2018

The 4th Annual #AlmaMaterMadness

Welcome to what always ends up being one of the most hotly contested hipster contests of the Liturgical Year, Alma Mater Madness!

We are setting out once again to crown an ultimate hipster Catholic college, adding to the ranks of previous winners Christendom College, Mount St. Mary's, and the Aggie Catholics (a seriously cool ministry at Texas A&M).

So, grab a very cheap beer, throw some ping pong balls around, and let's get to our list of nominees:

1. University of Detroit Mercy

UD Mercy is our first to make the list, and for starters they just lowered their tuition. Enough said, right? This Catholic college is in the heart of Detroit and they promote being sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy and the Jesuits, so...

2. Marian University

Another Catholic college keeping tuition in mind (they just issued a tuition freeze), Marian University is second on our list. When I hopped on their website, the first thing I saw was a promotion for "Thirsty Thursdays", an event at a local brewery, so count me as a fan.

3. Fort Hayes State University

Fort Hayes State is our next nominee. They had a record enrollment this Spring, are well known for their philanthropic work, and how about their Twitter handle (@FHSUDisciples)?! Come on and give them a vote!

4. Colorado School of Mines

Last up, but certainly not least, is the Colorado School of Mines! It's a solid school, producing solid and well-formed graduates, AND they just announced their brand new mascot Blaster The Burro, so, I mean, come on!

Head on over to Twitter and vote for your favorite!!!

Let's do this.

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