Monday, January 22, 2018

The 4th Annual #HabitedHipsters and #HipstersWithHolyOrders

Welcome one and all to what has traditionally been one of our most popular hipster voting things down through the years:

It's time for Habited Hipsters and Hipster with Holy Order, the 4th Annual Edition!!!

By way of your votes, we have crowned quite a few Hipster Religious Sisters and Hipster Priests, and we're out to do it again!

Without further babbling from me, let's get to the nominees for the coveted 2018 version of the prize!

Habited Hipster Nominees

Back by popular demand, the Memento Mori Sister makes our list. The atheist turned Catholic religious sister is inspiring multitudes on social media. She's funny, she's an amazing writer, and she's got us all thinking about our death. What's not to love? 

The Missionary Benedictine Sister out of Nebraska is representing this year, and just the fact that she's in high school campus ministry should qualify her to win the whole thing. She tweets inspiring Catholic posts for all to enjoy, and she's ready to be crowned this year's Habited Hipster!

She's done it before and she's back for more. Sister B received more mentions in our request for nominees than anyone else, and she's been quite busy since the last time she popped up on this list. She's a regular contributor to Relevant Radio, continues to share the faith with young folks, and is easily the most loved Non-FSP Sister on Catholic Twitter!

The Queen of Snapchat is here to garner your votes. She's easily one of the most beloved media nuns, and even though her order hasn't followed through on my request to move her out to the Bay Area so we can hang out, I'm still pulling for her to win! 

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Hipsters With Holy Orders

The Franciscan Priest and high school teacher feels like he's got an edge on the competition and can pull off the victory here. Will his confidence be enough to carry him to the top? Scroll through his Twitter feed (linked above) to find out! 

Self-professed "Pittsburg Okayest Priest" received the most mentions when we put out a request for nominations this time around, and a brief scroll through his Twitter account shows why. He's hilarious, he's spreading the good news, and even we can admit he's at the very least slightly better than okay. 

Representing the Congregation of the Holy Cross, Fr. William is ready to earn your vote. He uses Twitter to call for peace amidst all the typical arguing, and he's relatable in the fact that he likes to eat more calories than he's motivated to burn. How can you not be a fan of that? 

You know we couldn't wrap up this list without putting Father Harrison on blast. Our favorite priest from Victoria, BC is hip, very hip. What do I have to do to get you to vote for him? Let me know. I'll do it. 

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