Monday, January 8, 2018

The 4th Annual America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City


St. Louis.


These are the three cities who have come away with the America's Next Top Catholic Hipster City crown. 

Now, as we flip the calendar to 2018, it's time to crown a new locale.

Who will take the title of America's next big up and coming place to live? 

Let's get started with the four incredible nominees...

1. Wichita

Bishop: Carl Alan Kemme

While priestly vocations are on the downward trend across the country, men seem to be lining up in Wichita to rock the collar. With 10 recently ordained and 10 more lining up for next year, the amount of active priests in the diocese will see a 20% increase. Something has to be going right! 

2. Lincoln

Bishop: James D. Conley

Speaking of priestly vocations, only 7 diocese in the nation ordained more men to the priesthood than Lincoln between 2010 - 2012 despite only having 97,000 Catholics to speak of! For comparison, Los Angeles has a population of 4.2 million and only ordained 34 during those same years. Lincoln is also home to 33 Catholic school (6 of those being high schools), and boasts that 96% of students attending those schools are actually Catholic. Not to shabby...

3. Philadelphia

Bishop: Charles J. Chaput

I've been told by many a Catholic friend that Philly is the place to be. They are led by a well know (yet often mispronounced Bishop) and boast of many must-see Catholic sites. Not to mention it was at the location of the World Meeting of Families and a visit from Pope Francis himself. That's got to earn Philly more than a few votes. 

4. Houston

Bishop: Daniel DiNardo (Cardinal)

Texas had to make the list, right? Houston is home to an amazing Catholic Worker House of Hospitality, incredible Catholic school, and as we witnessed through the tragedy of the recent hurricane, amazing people willing to help those in need at the drop of a hat. Good people, good Catholics, good to receive your vote!

So, there you have it folks. Head on over to Twitter to cast your vote, and remember to vote responsibly, because a whole bunch of young Catholics are getting ready to pack their bags and move based on the outcome!

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