Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The 2017 Catholic Hipster of the Year is...

After bringing in nearly 1,000 votes over a 5 day voting period, one Catholic Twitter account verified it's incredible content above all the rest. 

Our Fourth Annual (and the 2017) Catholic Hipster of the Year officially is...

Woke Space Jesuit! 

That's right! Our first ever Catholic Anon Hipster of the Year Winner has been handed the crown from last year's champs (the Crunch Kids) and now reigns supreme over the Catholic Internet for all of 2018. 

All hail the only good and reputable Jesuit!!

Much love to Steve The Missionary, Zac Mabry, and friend of the blog Jake for putting up a good fight. 

Once WSJ activated his fandom, however, no one else really stood a chance...

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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