Friday, December 22, 2017

The 2017 Catholic Hipster of the Year Award

The Catholic Hipster of the Year. 

It conjures up such incredibly cool Catholics as

Anna Mitchell

John Leyendecker


Ethan and Patrick of The Crunch.

Today, we kick off the voting for our 4th Annual Catholic Hipster of the Year Award, known affectionately around these parts as The Wojtys (in honor of the Ultimate Catholic Hipster, St. John Paul II, of course). 

As is the annual tradition, we allowed last year's winner to select this year's nominees (so you can thank/blame Ethan and Pat for what's about to happen).

Without dragging this intro on much longer, we are pleased to give you the four nominees for this year's award:

It seems like just yesterday WSJ was banned by the Twitter Police only to roll the stone back and burst forth once more.

He brings the content most of us could only dream of, and he brings it consistently and anonymously. 

If I had to select a single post of his, I'd have to go with the one that continues to make me laugh out loud to this very day: 

"yeah im a freakin catlick...I pray everyday...I pray to da saints; st patrick, uh, *sweating* dat one pope who died...da 9/11 firefightas"

Yes, friends. Quality content. 

2. Jake

Indeed, our "Friend of the Show" deserves a spot on this list. 

The self-proclaimed "Dadinista" is bringing the good content you've been searching for. 

His tweets have been described as "The most Catholic Dad [content] I've ever seen", and he's become quite an expert at mixing in pictures of his new baby, which is key for getting votes around these Catholic parts. 

He's also a BIG fan of the LITTLE Office of the BVM, which solidifies his slot among the greats. 

Some may say it's not fair to have a celebrity on the list, but hey buddies, life isn't fair. 

Back in 1994  Zac stared as Porky in the lovable film The Little Rascals, and today this little rascal is a big name in Catholic Twitterverse. 

Sounds like he's moving up in the world, if you ask me. 

Here...let me push you into voting for him:

I tried to help Steve out by selecting the most hipster photo of him I could find (thank you, internet). 

Steve is the sensational Catholic You Tuber who has stolen all of our hearts. 

From telling us to eat meat on a Friday solemnity (which got him tons of hate mail), to helping put my kids to bed a few times so we could drink beer; Steve is the total package. 

At least that's what his Catholic Match profile says...

Check out his You Tube channel and give him a vote!

Alright guys (and by "guys", I'm referring to the 7 loyal readers of this weblog), it's time to pick a winner!

We'll be running the poll for exactly 1 week, and declaring a winner just in time for your New Year's party. 

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