Friday, December 29, 2017

A Christmas Wish List

Editor's note: This is another great contribution from the one and only Holly Vaughan. You can follow her on Twitter here!

I cannot fathom where the heck 2017 has gone. So much has happened in our country, and in our world, but it all seemed to happen so fast.  And here we are on the cusp of 2018.  I’ve never been good at the whole New Year’s Resolution thing - but this list in my parish bulletin gave me pause, and I think I will maybe keep a copy of it and check it throughout the year (on the condition that I remember).

1) That all would devoutly prepare for the reception of the Sacraments of the Church and receive them frequently.
2) That we would forgive one another for past offenses and pray for one another.
3) That we would reach out to each other, especially new parishioners and those we do not know well at our parish.
4) That people continue to be generous with volunteering for yearly parish events and ministries.
5) That we would turn to the Holy Spirit to have the courage to stand up to injustice in our world today.

Most of the things I resolve to change are directly related to my life and my families life, even those that are spiritual practices and changes.  How often do we resolve to make our parish and parish family life better as well?

Join me - think of a way - even if it’s only one, even if it’s small, to improve something in the life of your parish.  Volunteer - for anything needed.  Make meals, coordinate meals, wash purificators, lead a bible study or small group, or just sit next to someone you don't know every week and reach out to them.  Invite them to a parish event.  Invite people to Mass! You may be surprised at the positive response you get, especially if you promise to tell them when to sit, stand and kneel, and what to say.  

Reach out.  Let’s work to build our individual churches - and through them, the Universal Church.  As Saint Teresa of Avila said - Christ has no hands on earth but yours.

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