Monday, November 20, 2017

Pre-Gaming Catholic Hipster of the Year 4


It's time. 

Our fourth annual Catholic Hipster of the Year voting will kick off in about one month, and as we have been known to do from time to time, we're here to start building anticipation early. 

Kind of like how there's already Christmas music blasting on what was previously your easy listening station, even though most folks haven't put away their Halloween Decorations yet. 

Another tradition around this least-of-all-blogs is letting the winner from the previous year provide the new crop of nominees. 

In case you missed it, last year we had out first ever "team" winner, the Crunch boys; the good boys; Ethan and Patrick. 

So, we're putting out a call to the two of them to provide us with a list of 4 nominees to battle it out!

For the sake of accurate historical records, here are the previous nominees:

2014: Anna Mitchell, Matt Swaim, Leah Darrow, Matt Fradd, Jimmy Akin, Sr. Helena Burns.

2015: John Leyendecker, Matt Swaim, Mary Rezac, Rob Kaczmark, Aly Aleigha, and Leticia Ochoa Adams

2016: Mountain Butorac, Hannah Williams, Fr. Anthony Baetzold, and the Ethan/Patrick combo

The winners were italicized for everyone playing at home. 

So Ethan & Patrick, who you got? 

And everyone else, time to @ Ethan and Patrick with your suggestions for Catholic Hipster of the Year 2017. 




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