Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#CatholicHipsterPowerCouple 3

Welcome one and all to our third annual Catholic Hipster Power Couple event!

This is our third run at crowning the cream of the crop when it comes to the Catholic Hipster lovebirds out there, and we're always excited to bring you some folks you possibly haven't heard of before.

Previous winners include the lovely Ryan and Catherine Lopez and the incomparable Jackie and Bobby Angel.

This year we've got a brand new crop of nominees all seeking to place the crown upon their head (and then fight over the crown...because there's only one crown...and they need to learn how to share).


Let's go!

1. The Helmickeys (Kyle) (Carey)

Come on now. If you don't follow Kyle and Carie, you are totally missing out. Hilarious, Catholic, and...did I already say hilarious? Check out their feeds and vote for them now!

2. The Williams (Theresa) (her husband)

Theresa is consistently one of the most laugh out loud peeps on Catholic Twitter. Remember when she burned Patrick Coffin? Extremely classic. Also, how could you not want to vote for a couple with a mystery husband who may/may not have a Twitter account?!

3. The Gormleys (Michael) (his lovely wife)

The co-host of the extremely popular Catching Foxes podcast has been in our prayers lately, given the impact of the hurricane and flooding on his community. Maybe the cool kids know his wife, but she seems to steer clear of the Twitterverse, which is a pretty smart idea, and most likely worth a vote for this fantastic couple.

4. The McGradys (Katie) (Tommy)

Katie and Tommy are new parents, but not new to the Catholic Twitter scene. They drop tons of great content: jokes, good Catholic stuff, inspirational stuff, and NOW...BABY PICTURES! If that's not worth a vote, I don't know what is...

Well, there you have the noms. Head on over to Twitter RIGHT NOW and vote!

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