Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Edel Widowers Guide to Surviving Edel 17

This morning I took to Twitter to share my top 10 survival tips for all us Dads watching our wives fly off to Austin for this weekend's Edel Gathering. 

For your easy reference as you go through the weekend, I have catalogued them here: 

1. Get a list of things you can/cannot watch on Netflix while she's gone

2. When you go to Mass alone with all the kids, be sure to sit next to an old grandma who will help you

3. Don't cry when dropping her off at the airport. Kids can smell fear

4. Contrary to what you read on Mommy Blogs, frozen waffles are an acceptable dinner

5. Alcohol is your friend

6. Screen time is all the time

7. There's no shame in inviting the in-laws over for dinner, and then begging them to stay

8. Strapping the kids into the van to go "on a drive" is always a good move

9. Asking the pizza delivery guy to stay so you can have an adult conversation isn't weird

10. Remember, your wife does this *every* *single* *day*

Hang tough, Edel Widowers, you WILL survive!

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