Tuesday, August 15, 2017

#CoolCatholicConvert 3

Welcome one and all to our third annual Cool Catholic Convert!!!

And yes, when you Google "Catholic Convert" this is one of the images that pops up and it made me laugh out loud so there you go...

Previous winners of Cool Catholic Convert include Hannah Williams (of Twitter fame) and Jennifer Fulwiler (of so many different fames), and we are finally ready to crown us another. 

This year's contest is especially important, given there's been some dummies on the internet talking down about converts. To put an end to those shenanigans, we're ready to give you our four nominees (and keep in mind, this is a Catholic Hipster contest, so we're trying to bring you some folks you may not have heard of before; hop on over to their Twitter account to learn more about them before you vote!):

She's not quite a convert, but following her story moving through the process has been a joy, and we're all ready to welcome her home!

The self-proclaimed 1/2 level Catholic apologist is another great follow on social media, bringing us all the goodness a Catholic convert can bring. 

Alexis is a life-long pro-life advocate and self-proclaimed Baby Catholic, but when you take a look at the folks following her, you're going to realize she's got some important stuff to say.

How do you not follow Kyle? Seriously?!?! He's the token dude on our list, and his tweets are hilarious. Follow him, and vote for him...maybe? 

There you have it! Our list of nominees for the 2017 Cool Catholic Convert Award. 

Head on over to Twitter to vote...let's do this thing. 

Oh, and by the way, go hug a convert today. They might need it!

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