Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Catholic Hipster Handbook Sneak Peek: Cool Catholic Baby Names

It's time for another exciting sneak peek of the upcoming Ave Maria Press title The Catholic Hipster Handbook

This time around, we're taking a look at a section by Katherine Morna on "Cool Catholic Baby Names":

"In her 1999 name book Pu y, Xena, Quentin, Uma, author Joal Ryan12 referenced this revolution when she described parents who “troll underwater caves to nd the perfect name” as “spe- lunkers,” which was just brilliant—parents today ARE naming spelunkers, and Catholic parents are just as susceptible as any others. But instead of spelunking, we Catholics go catacombing. Yes, we do. Down into the hallowed candlelit crypts of the Church of the ancient and near past we go, looking for new/ old names that might perfectly suit our little Catholic babies."

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that Catholic parents are head and shoulders above the rest of our culture when it comes to giving their babies awesome names. From great saints, to amazing Popes, to fairly unknown Venerables, we dominate the baby naming game right now.

In her contribution to the book, Katherine Morna separates Catholic parents into three distinct categories:

I'm Catholic And You Know It

I Know The Secret Papal Password(s)

I Love Weird Unusual Names, And The Church Is A Goldmine

Of the last group, she says:

"The Catholic unusual-names parents feel it’s important to stick to names related to our faith, and delight in that requirement. Their list may include names like Jurmin and Jarlath, Daudi and Dafrosa, Soprata and Soteris—all of whom are bona de saints. Or they might light up at nouns-as-names, like Vesper, Tiber, Caeli, and Rosary (I know of little ones with each of those names)."  

And to wrap things up, Katherine provides a quiz at the end of her section to help you discover which Catholic baby naming group you fit into:

"(1) You feel it’s important to give your daughter a Marian name. Which are you most likely to choose?

a) Mary
b) Regina
c) Carmel
d) Monserrat"

If you want to read more about cool Catholic baby naming, and all the other amazing topics covered in The Catholic Hipster Handbook, pre-order your copy now by clicking this link!!

The book officially drops on September 22, which gives you plenty of time to spend with little Linus before you ignore him while reading your copy!


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