Monday, July 3, 2017

The Third Annual #UnderratedCatholicTwitterer

Welcome one and all to one of our favorite annual events over here at The Catholic Hipster Weblog, the Underrated Catholic Twitterer Award!!

We have gone to the far reaching corners of Catholic Twitter to find you four seriously underrated and serious amazing Catholic Twitter accounts. 

Previous winners include Ryan Lopez and Sister B. Who will it be this time around?

All of our nominees have less than 1,000 followers, have made us laugh at least once over the past month, and absolutely hate the fact that they are being nominated for an award that may up their popularity, because, you know, they're hipsters...

Bring on the noms!

1. Carey Helmick

How does Carey have less than 200 followers? This is crazy! Her tweets are hilarious, and her point of view is definitely something you need in your life right now. Follow her, silly.

2. Fr. Michael Liliedahl

What's it like to be a brand new priest? You've got to follow Fr. Michael to find out! He's an awesome follow, linking tons from his Instagram account over to Twitter, and he loves a good beer. That's good enough for me!

3. Theresa Williams

I think if Theresa gets to 500 followers within a week of this post, she's going to move out to the Bay Area, which would be cool, because I think our families would become fast friends. Theresa is hilarious, Catholic, and real, which is probably my favorite thing about her. Check her out!

4. Matthew Sewell

I almost couldn't believe it when I saw it. How is it that Matt doesn't have more than 1,000 followers? Well, his nomination here is going to blow him up. He's a Flocknote Happiness Engineer, and he's one of the few Catholics to ever interview Bishop Umbers on his podcast. Give him the praise due.

Alright pals, head on over to Twitter and vote! Who is this years Underrated Catholic Twitterer?!?!

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