Monday, July 17, 2017

The Third Annual #ArchdioceseOfHip

Welcome to our third annual Archdiocese of Hip!

Over the last two years, we've crowned Portland and Denver as winners of this contest, but we've got a brand new crop of exciting contenders ready to earn your vote.

Let's cut the chit chat and get to your nominees:

1.  Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth

On the real, this Archdiocese you've probably never heard of got more mentions on Twitter when I asked for nominee ideas than any other.

St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica, Archbishop Anthony Mancini, and hosting the Steubenville Atlantic Conference for the last 10 years all help this Archdiocese in it's bid for some serious Catholic hipster cred.

2. Archdiocese of Detroit

Detroit is getting a nod this time around, and you should give it a serious look before casting your vote.

It was establish 184 years ago, is currently led by Archbishop Vigneron, and has some of the more beautiful and underrated architecture you will see in these Catholic United States.

3. Archdiocese of Los Angeles

I couldn't have this list without including the Archdiocese I grew up in!

Los Angeles is a huge archdiocese, containing the Diocese of Orange (represent my home and native land), and has my favorite Archbishop in the world (Archbishop Gomez) running the show. Also, their magazine brought me on as a freelancer, so I have to give a nod to them for that...

4. Archdiocese of St. Louis

The Rome of the West deserves to make the list, right?

Founded 190 years ago, it is currently being run by Archbishop Carlson, and has an ecclesial footprint that would probably blow your mind. Lots of cool Catholic live here, but will that be enough to push them to the win?

Alright, stop reading, click on over to Twitter and have your say.

Who is this year's Archdiocese of Hip?

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