Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Catholic Hipster Handbook Sneak Peek: Fashion with Sister B

Welcome back for another exciting sneak peek of The Catholic Hipster Handbook, set to drop from Ave Maria Press on September 22 (but currently available for pre-order here)!

Today we're giving you a little look at a contribution from Sr. Brittany Harrison titled The Cutting Edge Of Fashion.

What can we learn about fashion from someone who gets to wear a habit each and every day? 

It turns out, quite a bit!

"What we wear gives people clues about who we are. As a religious sister who wears a habit (the distinctive clothing of a male or female religious), people look at me and instantly understand certain things about me. If the persons looking have seen movies like The Sound of Music or Sister Act, they probably realize that I am Catholic and a nun. For those who have never encountered nuns or religious sisters in real life or cinema, they might be confused."

Sister B considered herself nearly a fashionista in her earlier days, and ponders the topic of why people care about what we wear at all:

"Why should anyone care about what we wear? Our clothes speak. How I dress can tell people certain things about me, such as what colors I like, what sports teams I support, and what culture I identify with. In The Theology of the Body writ- ings of St. John Paul II, we learn that the human body reveals God, and our clothing can either increase the depth of that revelation or conceal it; this is called the sacramentality of the body."

You knew she was going to tie some serious TOB thought into this, right? 

She concludes her thoughts on fashion with this piece of advice:

"Next time you get dressed, take a long look in the mirror. What are your clothes communicating to others? Are they send- ing a message you don’t intend, or are they revealing, more fully, who you are in the best sense? You don’t have to wear a nun’s habit to show other people God’s presence through your life, but wearing clothing that doesn’t distract from your dignity and true value can certainly help."

If you want to read more about Sister B's thoughts on fashion through the lens of being a Catholic Hipster, and all the other amazing contributions from a list of Catholic Hipsters a mile long, you're going to have to check out the book! 

Pre-order it here, and feel free to share on social media to help spread the words as we try to become the most pre-ordered book in Ave Maria Publishing history! 

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