Monday, May 29, 2017

Our 3rd Annual #StGabrielAwards

Welcome to our 3rd Annual St. Gabriel Awards, where we set out to find the top Catholic Hipster Radio Show! 

Catholic Answers Live has pulled through with the victory two years in a row, but with a new host, everyone is wondering if they'll be able to pull it off again. 

So, without dragging it on, we're happy to unveil our four nominees for the Catholic Hipster Radio Show of the Year!

1. The Jen Fulwiler Show

What can I say about Jennifer Fulwiler and her amazing Catholic Channel radio show? For me, this is the peak of Catholic media, and if you haven't been listening you are seriously missing out. Jen has somehow managed to create a show that would play on secular radio just as well as it does on Catholic radio, and it knocks my socks off every single day. Also, a vote for Jen is a vote for 40s in paper bags, know. 

2. Hallie Weekly 

Hallie's gentle voice and overwhelming kindness bring you exactly the kind of joy you're looking for each and every week over on Sirius XM. She's funny, compassionate, caring, and brings all kinds of crazy stories about trying to navigate life with a van load of children. Vote for her, and then sign our petition to get her on the air each and every day!

3. Morning Air Show

The Morning Air Show over on Relevant Radio gives you absolutely everything you need to get ready for the day ahead. With prayers, the daily readings, and tons of amazing guests, this show is as good at getting you going in the AM as that cup of joe you're pounding while driving into work. While it may be our dark horse in this contest, I'm guessing the votes are going to start piling up pretty quickly. 

4. Catholic Answers Live

For the last two years, Catholic Answers Live has taken home the crown of Top Catholic Hipster Radio Show, but can they do it again? This time around, they have a new host (Cy Kellett) and work hard to live stream their shows on You Tube, Facebook, and Periscope. Will reaching out into the world of social media help them clinch the title once again? Or, will losing the Catholic Cool Factor of Patrick Coffin spell the end of their exciting run? Only time will tell!

So, there you have our exciting list of nominees for this year's St. Gabriel Award. 

Who will take home the title? It's all up to you! 

Head on over to Twitter to vote! 

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