Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Catholic Hipster Handbook Preview: The Old Calendar

With The Catholic Hipster Handbook release coming up on September 22, we figured we're in the prime zone of tossing out some previews to get you all super excited! 

This time around, we're sharing from an Anna Mitchell (of Son Rise Morning Show fame) contribution on one of her favorite topics: The Old Calendar!

Catholic Hipsters love to throw things back to the olden days, and when it comes to celebrating feasts that seem to have dropped out of the mainstream, it gets pretty serious.

As Anna Mitchell shares, 

"The old calendar is not widely used in the post-Vatican II era of the Church, making a fairly exclusive club of intense Catholics who follow it."

She then goes through the whole list of the old school features that you won't encounter on that free parish calendar you've got hanging from your kitchen wall, including Ember Days, Rogation Days, Obligatory Abstinence, observing actual feast days on their actual days, and (her personal favorite) the Forty Days of Christmas: 

"On the Novus Ordo calendar, the Christmas season ends on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. While this certainly beats the secular world, which starts celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween and stops celebrating Christmas on December 26, following the old calendar allows you to keep your vintage Christmas decorations out until the Feast of the Presentation on February 2. That’s a liturgical season worthy of celebrating the birth of the Newborn King!"

If you want to read more of Anna's thoughts on the Old Calendar, and how she seamlessly ties Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati into her chapter, you are definitely going to need to pick up the book. 

And if you're planning on picking it up eventually, why not go right now and place your pre-order at Amazon to help us become the most pre-ordered book in Ave Maria Publishing history? 

We're well on our way, but we can definitely use your help! 

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