Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Catholic Hipster Handbook Challenge

As you may or may not know, The Catholic Hipster Handbook is currently available for pre-order from Ave Maria Press. 

While the book is set to come out on September 22, I decided it might be fun to see how this book can stand up to a little pre-order challenge. 

My goal is for this to become the most pre-ordered book in the history of Ave Maria Press. 

Sure, it sounds like a tall order, but I think we can string together enough interest to make it happen!

Who knows? If we pull it off, maybe Ave will be interested in approving the sequel that a small team and I already have in the works!!


The Catholic Hipster Handbook currently has 46 pre-orders requested on Amazon. 

That's pretty impressive, if you ask me! 

However, the current title holder from Ave Maria Press is Great Catholic Parishes by William E. Simon, Jr. 

That book scored...are you ready for it? 1,121 orders on Amazon prior to the release date!

Now, you might think it's nuts for me to think we can possibly generate the 1,076 pre-orders needed to take over the top spot in Ave Maria history (and you're probably right), but I think it can happen. 

*Enter Biblical quote to get the readers fired up*

We can do all things in God who strengthens us!!!

Are you up for helping us break the record? 

Are you up for helping us become the most pre-ordered book in the history of Ave Maria Press? 

Are you up to sending William E. Simon Jr. down to the #2 slot?!

All you have to do is click the link, and buy the book:


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