Monday, April 24, 2017


It's that time of year again when we ask you when in biblical/church history you'd like to go if you had the chance!

Our previous winners include Pentecost and the moment when Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene. 

This time around, we took to Catholic Twitter to get a whole new crop of noms, and here they are:

1. The Catholic Sports Guys (@CatholicSportsG) submitted David dancing naked through the streets in front of God.

Um...sure...this would be quite a sight to behold...I guess.

2. Friar Matt Foley (@frathermatt) went with the 13th century to kick it with St. Francis.

This is one I can get behind. Oddly enough, however, I believe Francis stripped naked when he decided to give up his life of comfort to be with the poor, so I think this is starting to say something about my followers on Twitter...

3. Jake (@CatholicRevivl) went with that famous moment when Santa Claus punched Arius.

Yes, I believe we all wish we were there on this one. I can't imagine a world where this doesn't win.

4. Your Boy Ethan (@bropostle) went with "back to the early 20th century when all the Sedevacantists were just people nobody wanted around".

Okay, that's funny, and probably deserves a serious consideration.

So, my 3 loyal readers, when would you go from this list? Head on over to Twitter to vote now!

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