Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Catholic Hipster Handbook Sneak Peak: How Glasses Do More Than Help Us To See

With The Catholic Hipster Handbook finally available for pre-order, we thought it would be fun to blog about the various topics you'll find in what will basically become the official Catechism of the Hipster Catholicism. 

As we run up to the actual release date (September 22, 2017), we'll be sharing some of the topics from the book to get you good and excited.  

Today we're talking about How Glasses Do More Than Help Us To See, a topic tackled by our pal and Catholic Hipster Podcast co-host Sarah Vabulas!

Glasses go a long way toward making you feel cool, intelligent, and most definitely a hipster. 

As Sarah points out in the book, while glasses used to be considered lame and put one up for social ridicule, they have now become fashionable (so people like me, who can't even see the features of your face without my specs, are finally cool).

In the book, Sarah ties in the topic of glasses with the story of the blind man being healed by Jesus in the Gospel:

If only I approached the Lord with such passion each day, begging Jesus to have pity on me and save me from my sins and ailments. So while I’m pretty sure my eyesight won’t be healed anytime soon, I’ll embrace the gift of wearing glasses that represent my style and rock them for the Lord, knowing He’s with me all the while.

If this peaks you interest, you're definitely going to want to check out the rest of what Sarah has to say once the book drops.

In the meantime, though, what are your thoughts on where glasses fit in the world of Hipster Catholicism?

Hit us up on Twitter to let us know, and we'll retweet you to the masses! 

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