Monday, February 20, 2017

3rd Annual #RoaminCatholicism

Every year, we publish our list of underrated Catholic pilgrimage sites and let our 9 loyal readers vote it out to decide the most hipster place you can go visit as a Catholic these days.

Past winners have included Mary's House at Ephesus and the Camino de Santiago, and now we're on the lookout for our next great spot. 

Ready for the nominees (as selected by the fine folks of the Catholic corners of Twitter)? 

Here you go!

1. The Scavi in Rome

Located 5-12 meters beneath St. Peter's in Rome, the Vatican-sponsored archeological excavations that unearthed the necropolis are quite a site to behold. The work to find the location was undertaken by Pope Pius XI because he "wanted to be buried as close to St. Peter as possible", and the fact that we are now able to visit and see what's down there is pretty epic.

2. National Shrine of St. Kateri

I'll be honest, St. Kateri is one of my favs, so when someone suggested this spot, I jumped on it. An opportunity to share a deeper connection with one of our most beloved saints is not to be passed up. Also, according to the 21 votes on Facebook, this shrine gets 4.9/5 stars.

3. Loreto, Italy

Are you a fan of litanies? If so, you probably love the Litany of Loreto and would enjoy making a visit to this underrated spot in Italy. The Holy House comes highly recommended.

4. Your Local Catholic Parish

Talk about underrated! With a tabernacle right down the street from your house, your local Catholic parish may be the supreme spot when we're talking about hipster pilgrimage sites. Why not close your laptop and head over there right now?!

What do you think?

Got a favorite from this list?

Head on over to Twitter and cast your vote!

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