Monday, February 27, 2017

3rd Annual Alma Mater Madness

Every year since this weblog started, we've held a battle for the top Catholic Hipster college in the land. After a little scandal with JP Catholic in San Diego, Christendom College won the first title, followed up by Mt. St. Mary's beating Benedictine last time around.

This time, in order to include some less well-known and talked about Catholic schools, we tossed the nominating power out to the Catholic corners of Twitter, and we've come away with a pretty exciting list of four universities to chose from.

So, without further ado, here are our nominations for the 2017 Catholic Hipster College of the Year!

1. St. Leo University (@SaintLeoUniv) in Saint Leo, FL

Saint Leo University

The college that developed the hashtag #MySaintLeo is first on our list. One of the most underrated universities in Florida, St. Leo brings the heat with 18k+ followers on Twitter, some amazing options for getting degrees online, and (mostly importantly) they have a hilarious Twitter avi.

2. St. Xavier University (@SaintXavier) in Illinois

With a Twitter presence that's a little more buttoned up, St. Xavier from Illinois is next on our list. St. Xavier is a mid-sized school with multiple campuses, and caught my attention for their tweets about the location of food trucks across campus. Talk about talking good care of your students!

3. Mount Mercy University (@MountMercy) in Cedar Rapid, Iowa

The Mustangs of Mount Mercy are next up for your consideration. With more than 35 majors, and a strong presence across all platforms of social media, Mount Mercy may be our hipster dark horse! They have a great presence in their community, rock the hashtag #MMUPride, and also have a video posted on Twitter of a chem professor lighting his hand on fire, which is clutch.

4. Texas A&M (@aggiecatholics)

Yeah, yeah, I know, Texas A&M isn't a Catholic University, however, they received more mentions when we reached out for suggestions than any other, and that has everything to do with St. Mary's campus ministry. The have a close connection with the FSP, which makes them mega cool, tweet about campus Holy Hour sign ups, and have the hook up with Marcel LeJeune, so you know they have to be hip.

Alright folks, who is going to take home the crown of Catholic Hipster College of the Year? Only you can decide. Head on over to Twitter and cast your vote RIGHT NOW!

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