Monday, January 23, 2017

The 3rd Annual #HabitedHipsters & #HipstersWithHolyOrders

Every year, we launch a search for the latest and greatest in Catholic Cool among religious sisters and those men who have been called to Holy Orders. 

And, without a doubt, every year it is by far our most popular contest. 

Previous winners of the prestigious Habited Hipsters Award include Sister Britany of the Salesians and Sister Bethany of the Daughters of St. Paul, while the Hipsters With Holy Orders winners include the likes of Fr. Claude Burns (aka, Fr. Pontifex) and Salesian Stephen Eguino

This year, we asked Catholic Twitter who our nominees should be, and the list is pretty darn epic. 

Are you ready for the nominees for the Third Annual Habited Hipsters and Hipsters With Holy Orders crowns? 

Let's go!

Habited Hipster Nominees

Sr. Helena Burns

The name that came up more than any others is the only Sister to ever tweet me a picture of a woman wearing a shirt that said "Death to Hipsters". Sister Helena is well known for her tweets about TOB, hockey, and JP2, and is probably the most well known religious sister in the mainstream with countless articles referring to her as the "tweeting nun". However, I can guarantee she be campaigning for the others sisters to win, rather than wanting the crown herself. Maybe that's what will make her the biggest hipster of all!

Sr. Miriam James

The grooviest nun on the list, Sr. Miriam has a story that has touched countless lives. She wrote the epic book Loved as I Am, and live tweets all the big sports games with her favorite counterpart, Sr. Mary. Also, she's clearly making the all-time Nun Volleyball Team. Am I right?

Sr. Theresa Aletheia

Former atheist and now mega-cool religious sister and Catholic writer, Sr. Theresa is a straight up blessing to the Church as a whole. She wrote the awesome book The Prodigal You Love, and pens all kinds of perfection for the NC Register and Aleteia. To be completely honest, she's one of the very few folks whose articles I always read. In the skim-through world of Twitter, that's a pretty great compliment.

Sister John Paul

The only Benedictine to make the list, Sister John Paul tweets under the handle @SisterJP. She loves God, nature, teens, and life per her Twitter bio, and is far and away the most underrated to make the list this time around. Will she grab your vote?

Hipsters With Holy Orders Nominees 

Fr. Higdon

Fr. Ryan Higdon is a priest over at Texas A&M who likes brewing beer, hiking in the outdoors, and running marathons. Does it get any more hipster than this? He's all over Catholic Twitter, and earlier this year tweeted a tweet that is a serious truth you need to recognize: There's not much in life that can't be made better with grace and tacos. Grace and tacos people, grace and tacos. Truth. Bomb.

Fr. Ference

I mean, seriously, Fr. Ference is a straight up hipster priest. He's got the inside scoop on all the greatest music you haven't heard of, he's been on all the hip radio shows and podcasts, and one of my favorite things he does is tweet during awards shows to remind you about people's Catholic upbringing. Vote for him, or you're wrong.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge

I'm sure the priests are going to complain that tossing an Archbishop into the mix is unfair, but too bad! Catholic Twitter spoke, and I have no choice but to listen! The good shepherd is leading the flock in Brisbane, and he brought the heat during the Golden Globes: Why do I care so little about the Golden Globes, given the talent & money involved? I'd be more interested in Leaden Globes. Do they exist?

Bishop John Keenan

Tossing another shepherd into the mix, Bishop John Keenan was nominated and it was well deserved. Need proof of his hipster credentials? He tweeted about his advent challenge by to "recycle as much as I can". Laudato Sii Catholicism is pretty darn hipster these days. Does that earn your vote?

Alright, people, time to make your voice heard!

Head on over to Twitter to vote, and we'll be crowning two winners within the week!

Good luck everyone!


  1. Next year, consider Brother Andre'

  2. Three words. Bishop David Konderla