Saturday, December 24, 2016

The 3rd Annual Catholic Hipster of the Year Award

Welcome one and all to our Third Annual Catholic Hipster of the Year Award!

Just think, it was two years ago that we kicked off this whole Catholic Hipster thing with our original contest, the one that went on to crown Anna Mitchell as the first ever Catholic Hipster of the Year. 

In 2015, we followed that up by crowning mega-hipster John Leyendecker as the second Catholic Hipster of the Year. 

And now, after polling Catholic Twitter for the best possible crop of nominees, we are proud to present the Catholic Hipsters vying to join the ranks of the Latin-Mass-going, obscure-prayer-praying Catholics who wore the crown before them. 

Without any more rambling from me, here are our nominees for the 2016 Catholic Hipster of the Year (affectionately known as the Wojtys): 

Mountain Butorac (@mountainbutorac)

How can you not want to vote for a guy with a name this awesome? Mountain Butorac, aka The Catholic Traveler, is a Catholic travel and pilgrimage guide who has led tons of tours to various amazing Catholic spots around the world. He only leads a few select trips each year, because he values his trips and puts so much effort into helping people have an amazing time. If you're lucky enough to have gone on a trip with Mountain, you're lucky enough.

Hannah Williams (@hanmariams)

As predicted, there was a flood of nominations for Hannah Williams, easily the most famous Catholic walking around the campus of Florida State University. Hannah is among the best of us on Catholic Twitter, constantly finding a way to rope a Catholic joke into an Office or Mean Girls GIF, and she probably makes me laugh more than anyone else I follow. 

Fr. Anthony Baetzold (@CFR_Franciscans)

When you get nominated by Jeannie Gaffigan, you definitely are deserving of your hipster status. If you'd like to hear Fr. Anthony speak you can click here, otherwise, just blindly vote for him based on the high powered endorsement! The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal are well known for being hipsters as a collective whole, so if I was you, I'd tap the button for Fr. Anthony. 

Ethan and Patrick (@bropostle/@catholicpat)

That's right! The dudes from The Crunch podcast are our first ever combined Catholic Hipster of the Year nominees! We couldn't pick just one, because they're both just so darn hilarious, and together they may just have what it takes to pull off this victory (at the very least, they have the Sorority vote going for them). So, what do you say? Are they worth of the crown?

There you have it!

Our fantastic nominees are ready for you to vote and make your voice heard!!

Head on over to Twitter to cast your vote right this very minute!

We'll announce our winner on January 1.

Ready? Set?? Vote!!