Saturday, December 31, 2016

It's Official: The 2016 Catholic Hipster of the Year is...

With well over 800 votes cast, we are finally ready to announce the 2016 Catholic Hipster of the Year. 

This year's winner has joined the ranks of Catholic Hipster elites like Anna Mitchell (2014) and John Leyendecker (2015), and will almost certainly go on to rule the Catholic Twitterverse for the next 365 days.



Our Third Annual Catholic Hipster of the Year winner is...

Patrick and Ethan!

That's right, our first ever team winner of this award has been claimed by the dudes from the up and coming podcast The Crunch. 

With an untold army of sorority girl listeners, The Crunch has quickly become one of the top podcasts on Catholic Social Media. 

If you haven't heard it, please check it out here: THE CRUNCH

They have quickly become my Monday commute buddies, and I couldn't be happier that they resoundingly took home the crown for this unbelievably coveted award. 

Huge shoutouts to Mountain Butorac (who probably should have won based on his name alone), Hannah Williams (who, like Matt Swaim, is quickly becoming the Susan Lucci of Catholic Hipster voting), and Fr. Anthony Baetzold (hand selected by Jeannie Gaffigan and probably the most actually hipster of the group) for playing along and having a good time with the voting. 

For now, though, The Crunch boys reign supreme, and they'll be joining us on the Catholic Hipster Podcast on January 14 to celebrate (and to help make the Hipstercast a tad more hilarious). 

Enjoy rocking your Catholic Hipster crown, especially as you introduce yourself to everyone at SEEK 2017 (Ethan: "Hi, I'm Ethan, but you probably know me as one half of the 2016 Catholic Hipster of the Year Award winners..."  Fast Food Worker: "I just wanted to know if you want to super size your meal, sir...")!

Thanks to the 800+ voters, and the 6 loyal readers of this blog who have now stuck with me for 3 long years. 

You da real MVPs...

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