Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Where Does Your Confidence Come From?

Editor's Note: Today's piece on St. James is here thanks to Alisha Olandesca. You can find her on Twitter @stainlessstyled and on the internet at https://stainlessstyled.com.

Not that long ago, I constantly referred to myself as "just a stay at home mom". In hindsight, this phrase kept me safe in the corner of the universe where I felt I belonged. 

But God has a way of pushing me out of my safe zone and into the glaring light of day. A choice had to be made: move forward with a new mindset or cling to old definitions of myself.  Once I chose to live the life God was calling me to, I needed a serious injection of confidence. That definition I had given myself had been harmful. Instead of using my vocation as a True North guide in my life, this phrase made me think I couldn't/shouldn't do anything outside of that vocation.

Fast forward to today. Two weeks into an accelerator program that is challenging me beyond what I feel I am capable, and I have a knot of anxiety that won't go away. I trust in God yes. And yet there is significant fear around really executing on your dreams. 

As I carry around this big ball of ice, I was asked by a woman in my cohort, "Where do you get your confidence from?"

What I wanted to say was, "What confidence??!!"

Instead, I remembered the realization I came to a few years back:

My confidence comes from an important equalizer. There is literally no difference between me and anyone else. We are all children of 1 God. That's it. 

Our perceived differences come more from choices than ability. For example, I could be an astronaut. There may be a million steps to take between here and there. But it can be done. Instead I choose to build a business, and I own that choice. 

So take start taking choices out of the equation when you approach a person or situation. See each other for who we really are, and walk your path boldly. The way God intended you to walk it. 

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