Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What You Find Acceptable

Despite the outcome of the election, there was a large number of Catholics who found a lot to support  their choice of voting for Hillary Clinton.

However, a stark reality could not be avoided.

A vote for Hillary meant that with all the good reasons you may have had to vote for her, you also found the idea of having a radical pro-choice President acceptable. You weighed the cost/benefit and decided that for all the good she would do (and all the bad that Trump would do), it was worth it to vote for her.

That being said, there are plenty of things a vote for Trump is accepting of, and they can't be ignored.

A Catholic vote for Trump may have been motivated by the fact that he promised to elect pro-life Supreme Court Justices, but it also meant so much more.

To accept that hope of pro-life justices, voters also accepted racism, anti-immigration sentiment, the breaking up of families, sexism, and a seemingly clear point of view that has little to no understanding of the dignity of the human person.

It's not that voters for Trump necessarily endorsed those things, it's not that voters for Trump necessarily agreed with any of those things, it's that voters for Trump were willing to look past all of those things, willing to have a President who is all of those things and believes all of those things.

The pro-life issue is the most important issue, in my opinion, but...

Is someone who promises to deport parents of American-born babies because the parents aren't here legally truly pro-life?

Is someone who promises to refuse to allow refugees fleeing persecution and certain death to find safety here truly pro-life?

Is someone who called an entire group of people all kinds of terrible names truly pro-life?

Is someone who called the Pope "disgraceful" truly pro-life?

Is someone who said utterly disgusting and inexcusable things about women and then brushed it off as just something guys do truly pro-life?

The answer is no.

But because people were willing to look past all of that on the off chance that he might actually end up being pro-life, here we are.

I leave you with the words of Dorothy Day, resounding so clearly in my head today:

"No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless. There is too much work to do."

Let's get to work. 

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  1. While I agree with your assessment of Trump (even painted with broad strokes), it is only fair to place her under the same microscope. When faced with two truly untrustworthy, unlikable people that both call people names, lie to get what the want, and reguary engage in deviant behavior, some felt they would gamble on the unknown as far as political policies are concerned. Because honestly there are so many programs that need fixing and many felt electing her (especially with the current administration campaigning for her) meant satisfaction with the way things are now. But I couldn't agree more that if we truly work together (and lose all the drama from both sides) we can hold him accountable to his policies that we as Christians/Catholics can support and find success by supporting ALL LIFE or find a new person who can in four years. The other option is to throw a fit because we didn't get what we wanted and accomplish nothing at all while highlighting our lack of maturity. We have to realize that the majority of us want what is best for this country regardless of the political identification. We MUST work together or divided we fall.