Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Standing Up Against Oppressing The Right To Vote

Sergio Bermudez, of Catholic Twitter fame, shared a story from the Los Angeles Times that blew my mind. 

There are Native Americans in the state of Nevada who would have to travel 270 miles just to cast their ballot, just to make their voice be heard. 

From the article: “I would vote, but it’s such a long drive, about two hours each way,” Alissa Thompson said. 

The article also touches on the fact that signing up to vote by mail creates the same issue once jury duty rolls around (not to mention jury duty leading to time away from work, a reality most of us can't afford).  

In a nation that so loudly values the right to vote (or claims to), we certainly create plenty of barriers to allowing certain groups to participate. 

As Catholics, we should stand in opposition to this injustice in our system. We should speak up about creating a system where everyone has an equal opportunity to select those in positions of power. 

Of course, political groups have an interest in pushing against our opposition. It gives certain groups power when they make it hard for people to vote against them. 

We've seen it for far too long, and I think many of us (myself included) have failed to stand up for the voiceless oppressed when it comes to this issue. With this election, there is most certainly a candidate hoping a whole bunch of people stay home today, and that makes it even more important that we stand up and shout about the blatant injustices in our voting system. 

They go well beyond having to make a 270 mile trek, but the conversation has to start somewhere. 

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