Monday, November 7, 2016

From The Ashes of the Pro-Life Movement

If nothing else, this election will almost certainly have a lasting impact on the pro-life movement. 

While some feel the need to vote for Donald Trump because of his recent conversion to the pro-life side and his (also recent) promise to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court, others can't bring themselves to vote for someone whose words and actions show little to absolutely no understanding of the dignity and value of the human person. 

Today, any shred of hope that the pro-life movement would remain intact as it is went out the window. 

Not just because organizations like Priests For Life and the Susan B Anthony List have seemingly become nothing more than shills for Mr. Trump (even though SBA List had put out a strong letter against Trump just a matter of months ago), but because Fr. Frank Pavone participated in an ad (that I have been encouraged not to look at, and would encourage you in the same way) depicting the remains of a baby being placed on altar. 

Yes, you read that right. 

The ad, posted on the Priests For Life Facebook page, shows Fr. Pavone with the actual remains of a baby, uncovered and exposed, in an attempt to encourage folks to vote for Donald Trump. 

There has been plenty of digital ink spilled on this, especially over at Patheos, so I don't want to delve too far into the shock and horror of a Catholic priest participating in the use of another human being in this manner. 

In my mind, though, I see this as an opportunity for a rebirth in the pro-life movement. I see this as a moment in time where we can take this movement back. 

If we are ever going to overturn the decision made by the Supreme Court in Roe v Wade, it is only going to happen by a gradual change in hearts and minds across the country. 

It isn't going to happen because of the SCOTUS selection by a Republican President (or it would have happened already). It isn't going to happen by doing something shocking to help pro-choicers understand (or it would have happened already). It is only going to happen by encountering the culture, meeting people where they are at, and showing the love and mercy of Jesus in the face of this tragedy. 

People need Jesus, they don't need Donald Trump, Fr. Pavone, or any of the rest of this mess. 

From the ashes of this Pro-Life Movement, a greater, more compassionate and merciful Pro-Life Movement will rise, and it will be the movement that changes everything. 

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