Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Conversation We Need To Have

Of course, I'm being facetious. 

She stood up to be counted as a serious Catholic who took a serious look at the issues and decided to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

In full disclosure, I should note that I did not vote for Clinton, or Trump for that matter. I wrote in the American Solidarity candidate Mike Maturen, knowing full well either Clinton or Trump would win. 

And while I disagree with the conclusion of Leticia's 2016 voting journey, I appreciate the fact that she was willing to step out into what she knows will be a crappy day in her Mentions to help prompt a conversation we desperately need to have. 

Let me be a bit more clear.

I agree with Leticia that Hillary Clinton is more qualified to be President than Mr. Trump. I agree with Leticia that Trump's attitude and behavior make him impossible to vote for. I agree that SCOTUS picks aren't as easily appointed as the candidates pretend they are and we shouldn't vote for a racist, sexist candidate who brings out the worst of us simply because he made a half-hearted promise to be pro-life when it was convenient for him. 

I just can't agree that Hillary Clinton is the logical next step after all of that. 

I will agree with her completely on one thing: The American Church is in a weird spot right now. 

Between the disgusting actions of Fr. Pavone and the terrible words thrown around by Catholics at Catholics who can't bring themselves to vote for a man who obviously has no understanding of the dignity of human persons, the American Church is in need of a come-to-Jesus moment maybe more than ever before. 

I'm standing in the camp of those hopeful that this election will spark change in the Church, change in the pro-life movement, change in the hearts and minds of well-meaning Catholics trying to live out the teachings of Jesus in a country diametrically opposed to him. 

I think Leticia would agree with all of that, and I'm glad she was brave enough to step out and spark the conversation. 

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