Monday, September 12, 2016

#CatholicHipsterPowerCouple 2!

It's time for our Second Annual Catholic Hipster Power Couple Event!!!

Last year, we had a heck of a battle with Ryan and Catherine Lopez coming out on top.

This year, we have a whole new crop of hipster nominees ready to take the crown as THE official Catholic Hipster Power Couple!

Here we go:

1. Andy and Jane Korvemaker

They're Canadian, they game with priests late into the night, and look at those glasses! They may be the most underrated Catholic Hipster Couple in the game, and they deserve your vote!

2. Jackie and Bobby Angel

They live in my old stomping grounds, the OC, and they bring countless young souls to Christ and His Church through worship, speaking, blogging, and just being generally awesome. If we have a blowout, they'll be the winners.

3. Lino and Jill Rulli

The new kids on the block, how could you avoid the cuteness of their love story? The perpetually single, and large nosed, radio host finally found love! We're cheering them all on, and who knows what a Catholic Hipster Power Couple Crown might do for them?!

4. Leah Darrow and Ricky

Everyone's favorite Catholic speaker and author, Leah Darrow, has been snapping her life and annoying her husband by putting him on camera each and every day. If that's not a strong enough argument for their victory in this contest, I don't know what is!

Head on over to Twitter to help us crown this year's Catholic Hipster Power Couple!!!




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