Monday, September 19, 2016

An Update on "The Catholic Hipster Handbook"

For those of you who have been playing at home, you know that I have been in the process of pulling a book together for Ave Maria Press. I haven't talked too much about it, and figured this would be a great place to share the progress and let everyone in on the mysterious world of writing...

It isn't really that mysterious, actually...

In case you're just catching up, the idea for the Catholic Hipster book all started with a simple tweet. 

I made a 140 character joke about how cool it would be if me and a bunch of other Catholics wrote a book together about everything Hipster in Catholicism. 

Well, the tweet made its way to Lisa Hendey, and she encouraged me to get in touch with her friend at Ave Maria Press. 

The next thing you know, I was submitting an "elevator pitch" and a few sample chapters so the idea could be presented to Ave. 

It's pretty amazing, actually, but after a couple of tweaks and re-writes, they liked the idea and sent a contract my way. 

Thank God I was able to pull some fantastic contributors together, because I didn't know the first thing about writing a book!

I couldn't have done it without the amazing and talented likes of Lisa Hendey, Sara Vabulas, Sr. Brittany Harrison, Melissa Keating, Fr. Kyle Schnippel, Mary Rezac, Jonathan Weyer, Anna Mitchell, Steven Lewis, Tiffany Walsh, Katherine Moma Towne, Arleen Spenceley, Leticia Ochoa Adams, Sergio Bermudez, Matt Dunn, and the one and only Jeannie Gaffigan!
A tweet I could handle, but this thing ended up being 57,528 words, and that's a bit more than I'm used to...

Well, the manuscript has finally been turned in, and the latest round of edits are rocking and rolling.

The release date is currently looking like Fall of 2017, but who knows? The world of writing a book changes just as rapidly as putting together this blog post. 

You can keep checking back here for updates :)

Stay Cool, my Catholic friends. 

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