Monday, August 22, 2016

The Second Annual #HipsterCatholicMusic Award!

Welcome, you lovely Catholic Hipsters, to our second annual big time music award!

Last year, we had a pretty impressive crop of nominees battling for the title, with a surprise victory from the Daughters of St. Paul!

This year it's a whole new battle to see who brings it best when it comes to #HipsterCatholicMusic.

Are you ready to rock, and gently roll?

Here are our nominees:

Marie Miller

This singer and songwriter focusing on folk and pop was the first suggestion to come across the Catholic Twitterverse. She's rocked out the bluegrass at the Catholic Family Conference, she recently performed at the World Youth Day Krakow In The Capitol Event, and her Twitter feed is an absolute joy!

Harrison Lemke

His new album of sad Bible stories dropped a few months back, and folks on Catholic Twitter have been pumped up ever since. He's also claims to be from "Purgatory, TX", which should be enough to score at least half the votes cast. 

Dave Moore

How could someone with a beard that cool not just straight up dominate the voting here? Seriously. He lives in Corpus Christi, he's on a local radio station busting out the latest in cool tunes, and he's even been featured on Aleteia! 

Daughter of St. Paul

Last year's winners are back in business, continuing to make fantastic and habit-forming music (I enjoy myself here). Do yourself a favor: Go to Spotify, look up the Daughters, and enjoy the heck out of yourself :)

There you have it! 

Head on over to Twitter to vote and don't forget to use the hashtag #HipsterCatholicMusic to bump your choice!

Ready? Set? Go!!!

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