Monday, August 15, 2016

#CoolCatholicConvert 2!

We're back with another super exciting Catholic Hipster contest!

It's time for our second annual #CoolCatholicConvert!!

Last year, the one and only Jen Fulwiler took home the crown. But, the time has come for her to pass on the honor to another.

Without any more babbling on my part, here are this year's nominees:

Haley Stewart

A cool blog, a cool podcast, a cool cookbook-plus, Haley has it all! And to think, she hadn't converted by the time she got married, and had a reception where drinking and dancing was completely banned (do I have that right?)! While she's about to drop in terms of hipster cred due to moving into a place with flushing toilets, she's still cool. 

Hannah Williams

Need more than this pic? Hannah is one of the most flat out hilarious Catholics on Twitter, and she deserves to win her first Hipster contest. Under URL on her Twitter profile, she rocks How Convert is that?!

Frank Roberts (demon ninja lama)

Making the trek from LDS to Catholic is a mega leap that few would have the courage to take. Joining Sarah Vabulas and I on the Catholic Hipster Podcast is a similarly scary lead. Frank has done both! Vote for him!

Sr. Theresa Aletheia FSP

Of all the FSP, Sr. Theresa is easily the most relatable. Her articles at Aleteia constantly put me into a place of deep thought and contemplation, and she's not afraid to speak the truth to certain topics that lead to problems in the com boxes (see, David Bowie). We thank God for her each and every time we hear from her. 

Head on over to Twitter to vote and rock the hashtag #CoolCatholicConvert to let the world know who you got 

Ready? Set? Go!!

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