Monday, July 4, 2016

The Second Annual #UnderratedCatholicTwitterer

Typically, our hipster nominees are people you have heard of, leading hipster voices in the Catholic world. Today, we set out to bring you the underrated Catholic hipsters out there. 

Witth that in mind, it's time to kick of the Second Annual #UnderratedCatholicTwitterer award!

We once again scoured the Catholic Twitterverse to bring you four epically underrated and awesome Catholics from Twitter, and are allowing you (our nine loyal readers) to pick the winner. 

All of our nominess have less than 1,000 followers on Twitter, have made us laugh at least once over the past month, and probably hate the fact that they are being nominated for the award.

Let's stop the blabbering and get to the nominees:

1. Steven Lewis (@SteveMissionary)

Nothing makes for a good Twitter follow more than a FOCUS dropout, am I right? Steve works right in my neck of the woods, out here in the Bay Area, and we've even hung out and grabbed a beer a couple of times. He's good people! Also, how many folks are banging out such frequent Broadway musical references on Catholic Twitter? One. Just one. 

2. Melissa Keating (@AndCompanions)

I could barely believe my eyes when I saw Melissa met the less than 1,000 followers criteria for this list. The Denver Catholic writer, and frequent Jen Fulwiler Show guest to talk about beards, is easily one of the most underrated Catholics on Twitter. Am I the only one who remembers when she live tweeted sitting next to someone with stinky BO? Come on!

3. Sister B (@SisterB24)

Our previous Habited Hipster winner is back on another list! She's the nun that tweets pictures of herself with the hashtag #NunsAreJedi, and reaches out to the youth of Catholic Twitter like few others. Sister B is a quality follow all around.

4. Matt Dunn (@MJudeDunn)

Matt is the king of hilarious hashtags. Few Catholic Twitterers are able to produce the hilariousness that he seems to pull of each and every night as he stays awake way past bedtime. He's also an amazing poet, and he knows it!

There's our list! 

Who you got? 

Start following them and then vote on Twitter to help us crown the winner!!

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