Monday, July 18, 2016

The Second Annual #ArchdioceseofHip

Welcome to the 2nd Annual #ArchdioceseofHip!!!

Last year we had an epic battle to crown the Ultimate Catholic Hipster Archdiocese, that ended like so:

It's a new year, though, and we're ready for Portland to pass the crown on to a new hipster archdiocese. 

Your four nominees are:

The Main Man: Samuel J. Aquila

The Hip Factor: Most agree that Denver has quickly become one of the premier spots for Catholic Hipsters in our beloved country. Aquila runs it like a boss, it still feels the impact of the JP2 visit, and there are some pretty mega hipsters from Denver who represent on social media. 

The Main Man: Allen Vigneron

The Hip Factor: Detroit boasts the youngest Bishop appointed to an Archdiocese in all of the United States right now, Jose Cepeda. Detroit is also the home of the "Mass Mob" movement bringing folks into the local churches and raising tons of cash. You can look to Twitter to find out where they'll be next!

The Main Man: Jose Gomez

The Hip Factor: I don't think Los Angeles needs me to describe how hip it is. With 5 million registered members, LA is numerically the largest archdiocese in the United States. Between the Religious Ed Congress, the Annual Marian Procession, and all the various youth happenings, LA is in a whole other class. 

The Main Man: Roger Schwietz

The Hip Factor: Not sure how it could get much more hipster than Catholic Alaska. Started by Pope Paul VI back in 1966, Anchorage has had the joy of welcoming St. John Paul the Great multiple times, most notably in 1981 when he celebrated Mass before 50,000 Sourdoughs (look it up) at Anchorage Park Strip. It's cool..literally.

Head on over to Twitter to vote as well as shout out your favorite choice!

Ready? Set? Go!!

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