Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The #StGabrielAwards Winner is...@CatholicCom!

After 415 votes over just 48 hours, we are finally able to announce the winner of our 2nd Annual St. Gabriel Awards, which crowns the ultimate Catholic Hipster Radio Show.

The winner is...

Catholic Answers Live!

That's right, last year's winner has repeated and held onto the title! 

When we asked Patrick Coffin for a comment, he simply stared into the camera like...

Huge props to Jen Fulwiler, who gave the two-time champ a great run for their money. 

We asked for a comment after her loss, but instead received this photo of her drinking "Mommy's Juice" from a brown paper bag...

Also of note, Matt Swaim was a guest on the Son Rise Morning Show during the voting, which is the most likely reason behind their poor performance. 

Just a guess...

Thanks to everyone who voted, everyone who was nominated, and everyone who had fun with the silliness. 

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