Monday, June 6, 2016

The 2016 #CatholicHipsterBookAwards

Welcome to our second annual Catholic Hipster Book Awards!

We are so excited to get back to handing out a hipster award to another great Catholic author, because us hipster dorks love to read.

You can check out last year's list of nominees here, and find out that the eventual winner was Arleen Spenceley's Chastity is for Lovers by clicking here.

But enough about last year's award, let's get on with the list of nominees for this year! Don't forget our book award rules: that the book had to be Catholic (even if only loosely so), and had to have been published in the last 365 days. 

Without further ado, let's do this!

1. You Are The Catholic Brand by Matthew Kilmurry 

Published by Liguori Publications, 2016Matthew Kilmurry guides you on the path to becoming a brand evangelist for the Catholic faith, from crafting your personal faith mission statement to a personal inventory that helps you get to know your faith, and yourself. Using the tools in this book, you or your parish can become a brand evangelist, confidently sharing your faith and influencing others to love it as much as you do. Be converted anew and go evangelize!

2. Little Sins Mean A Lot by Elizabeth Scalia

From AmazonWriter, speaker, and blogger Elizabeth Scalia takes a look at thirteen of these little sins that, if left unexamined and unconfessed, can have a serious impact on our spiritual lives and relationship with Christ. Through her honest (and sometimes funny) examination of these same sins in her own life, as well as Church teaching on each one, she helps us ask ourselves the tough questions, and the tools to kick these bad habits before they kick us.

3. My Badass Book of Saints by Maria Johnson

From AmazonIn this edgy, honest, and often audacious book of Catholic spirituality, blogger and popular podcaster Maria Morera Johnson explores the qualities of twenty-four holy women who lived lives of virtue in unexpected and often difficult circumstances.

4. Keep Your Kids Catholic by Marc Cardaronella 

From AmazonHis passionate message is that the kind of faith formation children need is not taught in standard religious education classes and probably never will be. Cardaronella is on a quest to help you fill the gaps by first strengthening your own faith--opening your heart to God, practicing trust, clearing away obstacles to God's grace, and creating regular prayer and study routines at home. He gives you the tools to pass that faith on to your kids and make it stick by teaching you how to pray with your children consistently, about adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the power of the Examen prayer, and how to motivate your kids to be engaged in parish life and Christian outreach.

So, my dear Catholic Hipsters and lovers of the written word, let's get to the voting. Head on over to Twitter, cast your vote, and when it is all said and done, we will crown one of these fine works as the Catholic Hipster Book of the Year!

Game on. 

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