Thursday, June 2, 2016

On Getting Used To Facing Torches And Pitchforks

Editor's Note: This is the first piece by Colleen Snow for The Catholic Hipster, and we're proud she's letting her Catholic flag fly! You should start following her on Twitter @colcol37 and check out her blog over at

I’ve been thinking recently about what I’m calling “tiny martyrdoms.” 

Okay, so compared to real martyrdom, what I’m talking about is minor. “Micro martyrdom”? “Nano martyrdom”? “Pico martyrdom”! Anyway, call it what you want — I’m sticking with tiny martyrdom.

I’m talking about the ugliness we face in the world when we let our Catholic flags fly, and I’ve been seeing a lot of ugliness recently. As a borderline-millennial and an engineer by education, my cohort is some of the most educated and least catechized I can imagine. 

So when I publicly espouse conservative and/or Catholic positions  (whether we’re talking about gay “marriage” or transgenderism, and more specifically how we should not just accommodate homosexuality and transgenderism but actively celebrate them; whether a woman should have the right to choose whether her baby lives or dies; or even whether animals are as important as people) I have heard people, some of whom I’ve known since childhood, tell me that my views are extreme and bigoted.

But my beliefs — that men should use the men’s room; that marriage is reserved to one man and one woman; that a person is a person, no matter how small; that it’s a no-brainer to shoot a gorilla that’s menacing a toddler — were mainstream the day before yesterday. Unquestioned, even. They remain common sense, because Truth is not decided by the cultural zeitgeist. 

Unfortunately, there is no room in the new “inclusive,” “tolerant” worldview for dissent. If you’re not inclusive enough, you must be excluded. If you’re not tolerant, even of things you believe to be gravely evil, you will not be tolerated. We are expected to worship at the altars of sexuality without morality or consequences, gender fluidity without reference to biology, and animal supremacy. Save the whales, and forget about the unborn baby humans.

Well, I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to pretend to do it so that my Facebook posts get more “likes.” I will be polite. I will love the sinner, even while I deplore the sin. But I will not look into the eyes of evil and give it my assent, even if doing otherwise means I get to be more popular with people who used to consider me a friend (you know, before they realized that I actually take the religion — that they always knew I espouse — seriously). I’m praying to God for the grace to endure the tiny martyrdom of snide comments and lost “friends” with my head held high. 

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