Monday, May 9, 2016

Just Remember: Target Can't Change Now

There's obviously been quite a lot of blabbing about the Target bathroom issue, but what exactly do you think is going to happen? 

They can't go back.

I get the issues with the policy, and I'm not in favor of it either.

The solution seems like an easy one to me: single stall bathrooms for anyone to use.

Sure, it costs more, and takes up more space, but it makes the bathrooms available to all while keeping everyone's privacy in tact.

At this point, though, amid all the calls of boycott, I'm confused.

First, I'm not boycotting Target. I just can't imagine one can maintain a sense of consistency with all the various corporations that have views that don't line up with the Catholic Church.

Second, there is nothing Target can do at this point.

You've seen the backlash directed at North Carolina, who made the seemingly rational choice to keep everything the way it has always been.

Target is never going to take that risk.

There's no going back.

Let's hope we can stop talking about this, and go back to hoarding the $5 DVDs of John Candy movies that we have all come to love Target for.

Just use the bathroom before you go...

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