Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jesus The Investor

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I try to find God where I am. I try to listen for His voice at all times. This was admittedly much easier when I was planted firmly in my vocation as a stay at home mother. I would hear His voice constantly, listening to simple wisdom that came from my young ones, day in and day out. In the shelter of my home, I could rely on hearing from Jesus on a regular basis. I took my Matthew 18:20 literally and felt confident that when Jesus said, " For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.", I could take it to the bank. 

Fast forward a few years and I am being called to juggle a vocation and a new career. Not just any old career. One that I am not educated for, and have little to no practical knowledge of. I have been called to entrepreneurship.

I'm sure everyone is aware that entrepreneurs wear all the hats. At least at first they do. And if there was any doubt in my mind that God has a sense of humor, I know now that he most certainly does. I know this to be true because God chose me, of all people, for this call. While on the outside I can pull off the polished façade of a confident business woman, on the inside I am making a mental list of words that I don't completely understand. So as to Google them, and then add them to my list of words I think a business woman should know, and use. Correctly. 

The point I am trying to make is that I am completely and utterly out of my element. I routinely question why I've been called down this road. In all honesty, I haven't received an answer to my question. But until I do, I endeavor to still listen. To hear His voice where I am right now. Not where I think I should be. Not where at times I might prefer to be. But exactly where I am, right now. 

While I can't say I hear Him as often or as clearly as I'd like, there have been moments.

When our company was 18 months in, we were considering venture capital as an option for raising capital for our seed round of financing. There was a lot of Googling of word definitions going on at this time in particular. It was a huge learning curve. While doing my research, an investor said something to me that really resonated. He said " You will never be expected to know every aspect of business. You will always be expected to know every aspect of your business."

There. That. Jesus the Investor. Amid all of the confusion and change and chaos of this call, I heard Him loud and clear.

As Catholics, we will never be expected to know everything. Theology, Mariology... All of the various 'ologies'. But we will be expected to know Jesus. He is our business. When we actively search for Him in scripture, and tradition, we can more confidently identify Him. His qualities and characteristics. When we know Him, we will find that we see Him everywhere! And He will invest in our capacity to give, and do. Love, and learn. He will become as familiar to us as our dearest friends. And one day, when the time comes, He will call us by name. We will most definitely recognize His voice.

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  1. I love the title of this because it's a reminder to see Jesus in every part of our lives! And it's so true that there are times in life when I can hear God so clearly, others not so much. And often wonder what I could be doing differently to get that clear voice to cget me back....

    What is your business? I used to work as an accountant for private equity funds, including a venture capitalist fund. It was alway interesting seeing seeing the new business ideas that were getting funded!