Saturday, May 21, 2016


We have done our fair share of Hipster Contests around these parts, but never before have we given a nod to our friendly neighbors up North. 

Sure, you know the Catholic Hipsters from the Good Ol' US, but what about the Adoration attending/obscure music listening/Mary loving/Farmers' Market visiting folks from America's Hat? 

Our Canadian friends will be second fiddle no longer! 

Here are your nominees for Canadian Catholic Hipster of the Year:

1. Fr. Darryl Millette: 

Roughriders jersey at St. Peter's? Nothing but net. 

2. Sr. Helena Burns

Sure, she tweets about God, but people on Twitter mostly follow her for the hockey and curling references.

3. Jane Korvemaker

Three kids, a husband, and a lot of wine. I think we would be good friends. Also, if I could share a recent email she sent me, I think she would get all the votes. 

4. Trev

The beard, the babies, the immense amount of time discussing copyright laws and how it relates to social media use? Total hipster. 

So, who deserves to wear the Maple Leaf Crown, representing all of us Catholic Hipster up North? 

We're leaving it up to the 8 loyal readers of this weblog to decide!

Head on over to Twitter to make your choice (and use the hashtag #CanadianCatholicHipsterOfTheYear to tell us who you're rooting for, in what we are thinking will be the most polite Catholic Hipster contest ever)! 

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