Monday, May 30, 2016

2nd Annual #StGabrielAwards

Last year, our inaugural St. Gabriel Award was flat out nuts!

The search to crown the Top Catholic Hipster Radio Show in the land ended with the inevitable winner, Catholic Answers Live.

Now we're back!

It's time for the 2nd Annual St. Gabriel Awards!!

It was a difficult task, but we have narrowed the nominees down to just 4 Catholic radio shows, all praying they get your vote. 

And the nominees are:

1. The Jen Fulwiler Show

Jen's show leads off this amazing list of nominees, and rightfully so. From Jen's Jukebox to her amazing guests, to story after story of her crazy life with a crazy large and crazy Catholic family, Jen Fulwiler is the prize of The Catholic Channel. 

2. The Son Rise Morning Show

Sure, they lost Matt Swaim, but he never won a Hipster contest anyway. Our first ever Catholic Hipster of the Year, Anna Mitchell, leads the show that is more hipster than your ears can even handle. From chatting about the latest news at the Vatican, to talking about the ups and downs of parenthood, to apologetics, to obscure movie references, Son Rise is the pinnacle of Hipster Catholicism on the airwaves. 

3. Right Here, Right Now

This year's dark horse nominee has to be Chris Aubert's Right Here, Right Now program. This was a show originally conceived of by Patrick Madrid, which is now under the control of this lawyer turned Catholic radio talent with a heck of a backstory. He tackles all of the current trending stories from a Catholic angle, and he hits the nail on the head each and every time he goes on a rant about this culture going off the tracks. 

4. Catholic Answers Live

How could we possibly leave off last year's St. Gabriel Award winner? We couldn't. Catholic Answers Live is what Catholic radio was meant to be. They have brought countless numbers to the faith (and back to the faith) through their call-in question/answer format, including yours truly. Also, they had fun with this contest last year, and even mentioned it on the air, which was pretty epic! 

So, there you have it!

Head on over to Twitter  to have your vote counted, and use the hashtag #StGabrielAwards to let people know who you think has the ultimate Catholic Hipster Radio Show. 

Ready? Set? Go!

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