Monday, April 11, 2016

The 2nd Annual #PaterHipster Contest!

Just like last year, we are rolling straight from the Catholic Hipster Mom of the Year Contest (#MulierisDigniTweetEm) into the Catholic Hipster Dad of the Year Contest!

Last year, Brandon Vogt ran away with the victory.

This year's #PaterHipster is officially off the charts with mega-hipster talent. 

Who you got for the supreme Catholic Hipster dad?

1. John Leyendecker

John is our current Catholic Hipster of the Year crown bearer, and obviously tops the list of nominees for Catholic Hipster Dad of the Year. Will he be able to get both, much like his predecessor Anna Mitchell? It's all up to you!

2. Daniel Bearman

He's a farmer, he's a father, and he's one half of the Catholic Hipster Power Couple of Daniel + Haley.  I can't really see any way this Waco Hipster won't pull off this victory. I mean, have you seen his pig butchering skills? 

3. Trent Horn

You know him and love him from Catholic Answers Live, as well as his amazing books tackling difficult topics that we all need to educated ourselves on. Will you crown him with what will surely be considered his most impressive accolade yet? 

4. Andy Korvemaker

Because we had to have a Canadian dad on the list, here comes Andy! One of the most underrated in the Catholic Twitter world, Andy's so hip, he even hangs with Fr. Darryl!

Alright everyone, time to head on over to Twitter to vote in the poll!

Who will be this year's #PaterHipster winner?!!?!

It's all up to our 9 loyal readers...

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