Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Welcome to Catholic Hipster Time Machine 2! 

Last year, we asked our 4 loyal readers when in the Bible they would like to go. The choices ranged from the Wedding at Cana all the way to Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene after His Resurrection. 

This time around, we're asking you when you would like to go in Church history! 

Head on over to Twitter to vote for your favorite of the following four options (read on to see the nominees): 

1. Pentecost

The birthday of the Church sounded like quite an event. 

2. Linus Becomes Pope

I just think it'd be epic to see the moment the first successor to Peter took the reigns.

3. The Second Vatican Council 

Wouldn't it be cool to see how it actually went down?

4. The Election of JP2

Only the Holy Spirit knew what a gift we had on this special day.

So, out of these four, when would you go? Head on over to @theghissilent on Twitter and have a vote!!

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