Friday, April 22, 2016

All the Articles About Our Baby Luke in One Place...

I've written quite a bit about our dear Baby Luke in a couple of different places across the internet.

I thought I'd take a minute to bring them all to one place for you.


Heartbreak: The Quiet Things That You Carry While Your Soul Cries Out

Our Baby Will Die Moments After Birth, My Heart is Opening in Surprising Ways

On Suffering While Being Faithful

Unless You Turn And Become Like Children

Consecrated Through Suffering

How I Am Living Through The Five Stages of Grief Before My Son Is Born

Keep Looking Up


  1. I just saw Hallie Lord's Facebook post asking for prayers. I happen to be heading to church for a holy hour in a few minutes and will offer it for you. I know the pain of burying a child a little too well... God will give you the graces you need in this time. Treasure each moment you have with baby Luke. May God fill you with His peace.

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