Monday, April 4, 2016

2nd Annual #MulierisDigniTweetEm is here!

One year ago, we embarked on an epic Catholic Hipster Contest. 

#MulierisDignitTweetEm was our battle to crown the ultimate Catholic Hipster Mom. 

In contrast to most of our other contests, this one was marked by humility, love and compassion for everyone's fellow competitor. 

Will it be the same this time around? 

Get ready to pass on the crown, Anna Mitchell!

Read on to see our nominees for the 2nd Annual #MulierisDigniTweetEm!

This year's four nominees for Catholic Hipster Mom of the year are: 

1. Heather Renshaw 

This Real Catholic Mom of 5 is the co-host of the iTunes hit "The Visitation Project" and the head honcho over at She's dominating the mission territory of the Pacific Northwest, and she even has a coffee mug that says "Coffee Makes Me Poop"!

2. Jackie Francois Angel

Have you ever heard the term Renaissance Woman? Well, Jackie Francois Angel embodies it! She's a wife, mom, worship leader, speaker, blogger, foodie, bookworm, and singer/songwriter. And, she hails from my old stomping grounds of Orange County, which kind of gives her a leg up, in my humble opinion.

3. Haley Stewart

This list couldn't exist without Haley Stewart. She's living on a farm, raising some pretty awesome kids, and blogging and podcasting all about it over at Carrots For Michaelmas. She makes homemade beard wax, MCs events like the Edel Gathering, and is the straight up Queen of Hipster Catholicism. 

4. Leah Darrow

You all know her, you all love her, she's the Cycle 3 ANTM contestant who has gone on to light the world on fire with her love for Christ and His Church. Leah is a speaker, writer, avid Vine user, and is doing her part to empower young women around the country to embrace their true beauty in life-changing ways. 

I know! This a seriously hip group of Catholic Moms!!

Head on over to Twitter to vote, and shout your choice from the rooftops with the hashtag #MulierisDignitweetEm!

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