Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Thanks to The Catholic Hipster Handbook Contributors!

No, this isn't the actual cover of the forthcoming Catholic Hipster Handbook...it's just a little something I made up for fun. 

But, the manuscript has officially been submitted, and I wanted to take a moment to thank all the amazing contributors who helped make it happen!

I couldn't have written this book on my own, which is why I enlisted some of the greatest contributors any Catholic book has ever seen. 

Mad props to my Catholic Hipster Crew: 

Lisa Hendey, Sara Vabulas, Sr. Brittany Harrison, Melissa Keating, Fr. Kyle Schnippel, Mary Rezac, Jonathan Weyer, Anna Mitchell, Steven Lewis, Tiffany Walsh, Katherine Moma Towne, Arleen Spenceley, Leticia Ochoa Adams, Sergio Bermudez, Matt Dunn, and Jeannie Gaffigan!

You guys rock!!

Now, the countdown to the book release is on!! 1 year to go ;)

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